Wooden blocks Infancy ™, 100 pcs.

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A set of cubes of solid alder, your kids to play safely)

Cubes that are created manually.
Manually our master zapilivaem all rough and uneven, he impregnates them manually flax oil.

These cubes are playing the smallest children, so we have made every effort to make the game not only fun and informative, but also completely safe.

On the splinters, plastic or paint in your mouth, you can not worry.

Materials / parts

Age limit: from 7 months to ∞ (all children develop differently, and each has its own interests in, but our play dice even the Pope)

Material: wood - alder, impregnation - linseed oil; Bag - Cotton;

The set of 100 blocks in the cotton bag;

Cube: 40 * 40 * 40
Block: 40 * 40 * 80
Arch: 40 * 40 * 80
Bar: 20 * 20 * 120
Brick: 20 * 40 * 80
Paul cube: 20 * 40 * 40
Prism big: 40 * 80
Prism small: 40 * 40 * 40
The cylinder is large: Ø 40 * 80
Cylinder small: Ø 40 * 40
Semicylinder: R 20; 40 * 40
Cone: Ø 40 * 40

  • Made of solid alder, cleaned and processed manually, so to splinters can not worry;
  • Total included 100 blocks. Thats enough for many buildings. And if you connect 2 sets and more easily you can build an entire city;
  • Cubes compactly stored in a cotton drawstring bag for;
  • cubes soaked with linseed oil, and it is completely safe for the kids who want to try the taste of cubes;
  • Equipment:

    - Cotton bag - 1 piece
    -Threefold - 20 pieces
    -Brusok - 6 pieces
    -Arka - 8 pieces
    -B - 8 pieces
    -Kirpichik - 16 pieces
    -Polukub - 8 pieces
    -Prizma big - 4 pieces
    -Prizma small - 10
    -Tsilindr big - 6 pieces
    -Tsilindr small - 6 pieces
    -Polutsilindr - 4 pieces
    A cone 4 units

    Why cubes should be in every home and every child? Variations of games.
  • Playing with blocks develops fine motor skills;
  • to build various buildings develops thinking and imagination;
  • Any construction gives impetus to the development of spatial and creative thinking;
  • Blocks suitable for a child with a 7-months. Play first to the hide and seek, having thrown the dice in a pouch. Shake the bag. Hear how pleasantly tapping each other on wooden cubes? Hearing that sound, baby show curiosity. Give him a good study the toy cubes twirl in his hands, leave them on the floor if you wish.
  • After becoming acquainted with a new toy, about 1 year, you can show your child how to build a simple turret of 4-6 blocks. Gradually, the level of fine motor skills will allow the child to do it accurately and get extraordinary pleasure at the very end, when one motion, with a crash, you can again destroy the tower on the side.
  • From 2 years to master the construction of the tower, you can take another set of dice and compare the turret height. This one - the lowest, this is average, and the tower above all. Compare growth favorite toys and height of towers. Bunny above the tower, and a doll, for example, of the same height.
  • Children 4-5 years old are ready to build cubes of real castles and towns;
  • Remember one thing, if your child does not like to play with blocks, you simply do not learn how to: show that you can build with blocks, make it emotionally, with enthusiasm and necessarily revive construction. Turn it into a game plot.
    You will not notice how in a short time, your child will invent itself to build and how to apply it in the game.

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