Suspended scaffolding macrame Infancy 'Wicker cloud ' black

Product Code: 7542
    Years from 0 months to 1,5 years
    Материал: Rope - cotton
    The basis is plywood
    Paint - acrylic
    Metal profile pipe
    Предельный вес: up to 80 kg
    Размеры: L 91 x W 54 x H 45,
    Mounting height 150 cm
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5200 ₴
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pod Macrame so beautiful and cool that you want your kid always remained a child, so you can continue to enjoy this beauty.

Beautiful wicker cot, woven hand woven non-toxic base and breathable mattress cover with filling lines. Perfect solution for sleep for babies up to 20 months (based on WHO child growth standards), excellent for the treatment of reflux and colic.

It is assumed that it helps the baby to pass from the uterus into the world when he is rocking it slightly shakes cot, which sends it back to sleep!

Wide macrame pattern.

Environmental wicker base + steel tube top + Safe cotton thread. Material: cotton, wood and steel pipe

The thickness of the thread: 42 (very strong)

Age of the child: for newborns to 20 months


Weight limit: 100 kg

The dimensions of the cradle: A 91 x 54 x W is 45, height 150 cm fastening

The mattress is not included. It can be purchased separately in the desired color.


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