Tissue swing infancy 'Mickey' with seat belt

Product Code: 7861
    Years From 7 months Dor 5 years
    Длина каната: 2 meters Synthetics
    Материал: Gabardine fabric Wood – beech
    Предельный вес: Up to 80 kg
    Размеры: 40*40 cm
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1040 ₴
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Why should every kid have a swing?

The vestibular apparatus is formed, which is very useful for children who are seasick when driving;
The spine is strengthened;
The child learns to control the body and keep balance;
The adrenaline rush causes a little fear, and it brings great joy;
A sense of courage is fostered;
Swing is a great alternative to cartoons and TV, especially for working parents;
The beads on a swing are not just a decoration, but an excellent development of fine motor skills, which makes the brain work and develop speech;

New, improved version of the fabric swing.
Ideal for use at home, in the country, as a portable option for a picnic or relaxation.


Very attractive to children due to its bunny shape
Easy to use: having a bag that comes as a gift, you can easily take the swing for a walk, for photography in the park, for relaxation
Easy to care for: you can wash it in the washing machine, having untied only 4 knots; does not shed or shrink
This is a completely manual robot


Includes  mounts (For concrete and wooden bases) 1-point.
-Carabiner -1 piece
-Anchor with a ring - 1 piece
-Screw with a ring - 1 piece

-Seat belt - 1 piece
-ECO spunbond bag, for easy transportation - 1 piece

Fastening to a concrete ceiling
Fastening to a wooden base

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