Wooden swing 'Skazka-PRO' Infancy ™, Haki

Product Code: 1216
    Years from 1 year
    Длина каната: 3 meters Cotton
    Материал: Upholstery fabric - velor Wood - alder Paint - acrylic Rope – cotton
    Предельный вес: up to 150 kg
    Размеры: 58*25cm
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3500 ₴
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Loved by all photographic studios, designers of children's rooms and little princesses swing "Fairy Tale" (Paris 79)



  • The tree can be of different colors - paint or marilka;
  • Large selection of colors - if you did not find the color you want from us, we can produce it;
  • The back and protection can be removed over time;
  • Rope covers are sewn to match the color of your chosen pillow;
  • The pillow will not slip and fall - fastened with Velcro;

Why is it worth buying a swing for a child?

  • The interior of the children's room will become truly yours;
  • The vestibular apparatus is being formed;
  • The adrenaline rush causes a little fear, but it also brings great joy;
  • The swing will help improve your mood;
  • Cool photos at home, you are guaranteed;

Why is it worth buying a swing in a photography studio?

  • The swing is great for photography studios; high weight carrying capacity makes it possible to photograph not only children, but also adults of any age;
  • It will become a decoration for your studio;
  • Pregnant photo session, wedding, with children, family - it will fit into any shooting;
  • Will fit into any interior;
  • Just fabulous photos come out on it;
  • Shooting with children will be easier and more fun; and also raises the mood in case of emergency

Scope (photos of satisfied customers in different areas of application - home, apartment, on vacation, etc.)
Wooden swing 'Skazka-PRO' Infancy ™, Haki
Wooden swing 'Skazka-PRO' Infancy ™, Haki
Fastening to a concrete ceiling
Fastening to a wooden base

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