Cloth hanging swing for children "Рainting" gray

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Cloth hanging swing for children "Рainting" gray
    Years From 7 months Dor 5 years
    Длина каната: 2 meters
    Материал: Fabric – matting
    Wood – beech
    Pillows - cotton
    Filler - holofiber
    Rope – synthetic
    Предельный вес: Up to 80 kg
    Размеры: 40*40 *30 cm
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Suspended swing Infancy can be used to ride children both in the apartment / house and on the street / cottage.

Why should every kid have a swing?

  • With the help of wooden beads on the ropes, children develop fine motor skills of the hands
  • An excellent alternative to playing gadgets and watching cartoons - it does not spoil the eyesight and nervous system of children
  • A fun pastime with such a rocker is simply guaranteed for the baby!
  • Can be used as a trainer to train balance and lean body mass
  • In the swing, the child can read a fairy tale before bedtime or just chat a little - the children fall asleep before their eyes :)


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Washable pads and fabric base
  • Can be hung at home - the kit includes fasteners for concrete and wooden bases
  • Can be hung on the street (horizontal bar or tree branch) if supplemented with special straps
  • Made of high quality hypoallergenic environmentally friendly materials - completely safe for children!


  • Carbine
  • Ring anchor
  • Ring screw

Scope (photos of satisfied customers in different areas of application - home, apartment, on vacation, etc.)
Cloth hanging swing for children "Рainting" gray
Cloth hanging swing for children "Рainting" gray
Cloth hanging swing for children "Рainting" gray
Fastening to a wooden base
Fastening to a concrete ceiling

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