Climbing harness simulator Infancy ™ for kids

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Climbing or universal trainer for all muscle groups.

This simulator is developed on the basis of well-known Swedish walls, but unlike it has a number of advantages.

And just about the benefits: Climbing is attached to the ceiling and has a mount like our swing (rock bolt + carbine), which means that you can easily buy two products and use them in the set, and perhaps you already have our swing and you only need to buy a climbing frame.

The essential difference from the Swedish wall is its size. It is very compact and does not take up much space. It can be easily outweigh any right place for you.

Materials / parts

Age limit: from 1 year to 5-6 years

Load capacity: up to 80 kg

Material: wood - alder, ropes - synthetic

Dimensions: length of rope 4 meter
The length of the lower tier of beams - 40 cm (each)
The second tier - 65 cm
The third tier - 85 cm
The fourth tier - 65 cm

The distance between the tiers of 20 cm, can be adjusted independently.

  • Made of solid alder simulator, cleaned and processed manually, so to splinters can not worry;
  • Fixing at climbing frame is the same as our swing; So if you already have a swing at you, in a new mount, it is not necessary;
  • If for some reason Climbing has become not relevant (for example the summer came, and the childs lack of activity on the street) you can easily take off climbing frame;
  • It takes up very little space, can be easily removed and clings ago;
  • wooden beams can be painted if desired, in any desired color for you.
  • The distance between the layers can be adjusted independently;
  • If you need to add tiers specify when ordering.
  • Equipment:

    -Wooden beam - 12p (all 4 tiers)
    -Kanat long 4m - 1 pc
    -Karabin - 1 pc
    -Anker with a ring - 1pc
    -Shurup with a ring - 1 item

    Why is this important to buy a simulator for each child, or why such a Climbing should be in every home?
  • This is one of the most functional fitness equipment, it is possible to work out all the muscle groups press, arms, legs and spine, perform exercises on an extension of the spine;
  • For kids this is an indispensable tonic and develop agility and physical strength training apparatus;
  • The main advantage of the simulator is a great functionality: the child will increase their strength, strengthen the back, but due to the fact that the attachment at the top of a climbing frame only strengthens the vestibular apparatus;
  • When in bad weather a child with nothing to do and nowhere to put your energy, climbing frame will be an excellent solution to the issue;
  • Easy to remove and very compactly stored;
  • If you are coming to the country, climbing frame can safely take, attach to a tree branch or on the playground;
  • Our climbing frame is used as a ladder to the tree house; so if you have a house, or you plan to build, climbing frame that you need;
  • Make your booking you can through the basket or by calling / writing (Viber) under number 380 957 703 816 - Eugene

    Fastening to a concrete ceiling
    Fastening to a wooden base

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