Baby swing hanging Infancy ™ 'marshmallow' Pink white mattress

Product Code: bel_mar
    Years from 1 year to 10-12 years
    Длина каната: 2,5 meters Cotton
    Материал: Furniture fabric - matting Beech tree Mattress - cotton Filler – holofiber
    Предельный вес: up to 80 kg
    Размеры: 60*40 cm
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1540 ₴
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When the child becomes well, very independent, the "Marshmallow" swing comes to the rescue


  • Getting in and out of the swing is now easy and you can do it yourself;
  •  The swing will stay with you for a long time;
  • It is still attached to the ceiling or doorway using an anchor bolt / pin and a carabiner;
  • If you want to use outdoors, add extension straps when ordering;
  • Due to the fact that the swing is designed for a long period of use, we recommend using seat belts for children 1 year old; they can also be added to the order and removed if unnecessary (they are on buttons)
  • As a decoration, you can choose the side ropes, or remove them (specify this when ordering; affects the cost)
  • The mattress will not slip and fall; for your convenience, it is fastened with strings;
  • When swinging, the swing does not lean back and forth (for correct installation of the swing, follow the instructions attached to it)
  • When choosing a swing, you can choose the color of the base and mattress; textiles (matting + cotton or furniture velor); as well as supplement the swing with rings and rodents for the development of fine motor skills of the fingers;


  • fasteners for concrete and wooden bases (1 pin, 1 carabiner, 1 anchor bolt) - 2 pcs

Why is it worth buying a swing for a child?

  • Your child will always have a good mood with a swing)
  • It is not only a decoration for your children's room, but also a fun pastime;
  • The vestibular apparatus is being formed;
  • The adrenaline rush causes a little fear, but also brings great joy.
  • If the child is small, the swing will relieve stress and the child will easily fall asleep; very often children fall asleep in our swing;
  • Due to the fact that the swing is quite wide and comfortable, it serves not only for fun, but also for relaxation like a hammock;
Scope (photos of satisfied customers in different areas of application - home, apartment, on vacation, etc.)
Baby swing hanging Infancy ™ 'marshmallow' Pink white mattress
Baby swing hanging Infancy ™ 'marshmallow' Pink white mattress
Baby swing hanging Infancy ™ 'marshmallow' Pink white mattress
Fastening to a concrete ceiling
Fastening to a wooden base

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