Swing for children Wooden false Infancy 'arch' Mint

Product Code: 7958
    Years from 1 to 12 years old
    Длина каната: 2 meters
    Материал: Alder tree
    Paint - acrylic
    Rope – synthetic
    Предельный вес: up to 120kg
    Размеры: Back: height 60cm * 35cm
    Seat: 44cm * 35cm wide
    Swing weight: 5.6 kg
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2100 ₴
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1. What material is made swing !?
Tree - alder
Ropes - synthetic
Mattress - Cotton + sintepon
2. How to fix the swing !?
Anchor bolt for concrete / pin to a tree then comes carabiner and rope swing already! (4 photos)
If you need to attach it on the street, a tree or a horizontal bar, offer special straps! (5 photos)
Or order a pergola - installation for swing (1 photos just it)
3. The dimensions of the swing?
Weight 5.6 kg swing
Seat: height 60 cm, width 35 cm
Back: height, width 35 cm
Crossbeam moves for convenience and zalezaniya vylezanija of swing
4. How much weight can withstand swing?
Swing withstand up to 100 kg in size suitable for children under 12 years!
The package includes a swing and a mount (two ropes, two Karain, two pins for wooden base and two ankernh bolts to the concrete base) !!!
Additionally, you can purchase a five-point seat belts and mattress, for the convenience of the baby
6. What kinds of swing there?
Swing remains unchanged, except for her back and Lobovyk. There are three types: classic, Arch summary
7.What colors swing there?
They are different, a lot of them! E-mail and we will help you to determine the color!
You can also decorate your swing pattern (also had a photo to Carousel)
OAO All Farben vikoristovuyutsya tіlki gіpoalergennі on vodnіy osnovі! Whether SSMSC zabrudnennya vіdmіnno scour vologoyu ganchіrochkoyu!, ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Scope (photos of satisfied customers in different areas of application - home, apartment, on vacation, etc.)
Swing for children Wooden false Infancy 'arch' Mint
Swing for children Wooden false Infancy 'arch' Mint
Swing for children Wooden false Infancy 'arch' Mint
Swing for children Wooden false Infancy 'arch' Mint
Fastening to a wooden base
Fastening to a concrete ceiling

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