Outdoor swing rocking horse Infancy ™, blue

Product Code: 8042
    Years from 7 months to 5 years (110 cm east)
    Материал: Plywood
    Paint – acrylic
    Предельный вес: up to 80 kg
    Размеры: Height: 51.7 cm;
    Width 27.1 cm;
    Length 70 cm
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1780 ₴
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The rocking horse dates back to the 19th century) The most ancient toy, which over time is not only not forgotten, but has become even more popular.

It's hard to imagine a child today without this useful toy.


  • The rocking horse attracts children with its appearance.
  • It is perfect as an option for the first floor swing for children.
  • She's very strong, kids can't break her
  • Choose any color you want; the palette is very diverse;
  • Also, you can use double painting (for example, make pink runners, and the horse itself is white);
  • A bridle on the horse's face as a decoration;
  • Restraints that will not allow the child to turn the horse over when rocking
  • Universal horse style, suitable for both girls and boys
  • The horse is made of plywood, which makes it possible not to worry about the pile or textiles that can get into the mouth when trying to taste the horse
  • Painted with hypoallergenic paint
  • Will serve more than one generation of children

Why should every child have a rocking horse?

  • Strengthens the muscles of the legs and back; that is why she is so valuable for children, at the age of one year
  • Trains the vestibular apparatus; needed for those children who are very motion sick
  • Develops agility and coordination of movements
  • The child learns to keep balance, stimulates motor skills;
  • Pendulum swinging has a beneficial effect on the psyche, develops a sense of rhythm and contemplation
  • Many mothers around the world choose a rocking horse as a gift for their child's first birthday.

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Outdoor swing rocking horse Infancy ™, blue
Outdoor swing rocking horse Infancy ™, blue
Outdoor swing rocking horse Infancy ™, blue
Outdoor swing rocking horse Infancy ™, blue

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