History Infancy

How did the idea for the Infancy swing come about?

When our child was 2 years old, he urgently needed a baby swing. You know how it happens. And our family, it just so happened, has been associated with the tree for more than 20 years - the third generation has already gone. Therefore, we made an immediate decision - to make the swing ourselves. I developed the design and my husband implemented it.

And as soon as we put up a photo of a child frolicking on a swing in social networks, we were bombarded from all sides with questions about where to buy the same swing. And when we tried to find something similar on the Internet that would fit our “parental criteria” of selection, we realized that there is not enough such products on the Ukrainian market. But such a toy is not only beautiful and unusual, but also absolutely safe for children, and this is the most important thing!

Basic principles of our work

We make each toy like the first one. We made the first one for our child. And with the same love, trepidation and responsibility we continue to do our job.

We collect and paint by hand. We have no conveyor production. All products are made personally by us in our workshop. Stored in our warehouse. We paint by hand - the surface is smooth and without smudges.

We exclude all harmful substances. We cover the tree with wood stain - this is an environmentally friendly coating that has no odor. The child can play and lick toys safely.

We always meet the client's needs!

If suddenly our product does not meet your expectations or does not fit in any way, let us know within two weeks - we will exchange or refund your money. We want you to enjoy shopping at Infancy.