Hanging a hammock on a metal circle 'Nest' Infancy ™, milk

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Hammock on a range of Nest. Our idea in the field of recreation and design.

The use of a hammock is very wide: apartment, house, cottage, street, childrens room - everywhere it is an ideal and appropriate

As always stylish, simple, concise and user-friendly.

Materials / parts:
  • Size: 0.9 meters in diameter
    Material: furniture mat; Lightning has to remove the cover and wash;
  • Inside the metal circle that is lined with synthetic padding and cloth that was comfortable to sit on;
    Age limit: from 1 to 99 +
    . Capacity up to 80 kg

  • When you order a hammock on a circle, you have the option to choose the color; palette large enough;
  • The hammock can be complemented with interior cushions of cotton or velor;
  • The hammock is light in care: because of its material almost all impurities can be removed with a sponge; Also, the fabric can be easily removed and washed in a washing machine; does not fade and does not deform;
  • The metal circle wrapped soft insert and in addition trimmed with cloth; for your convenience and comfort
  • You can also adjust the slope of the hammock, as it will be convenient to you. This is done with the help of ropes, on which it hangs;
  • Equipment :

    The hammock comes to you in the assembled state:
    circle - 1pc
    fabric upholstery - 1pc
    fixing (anchor bolt 1, 1 pin, 1 carbine) - 2 pcs

    Why you should buy our hammock;

  • Practicality is the main feature of this hammock. After textiles completely removed and can be washed in a washing machine;
  • This is a stylish and comfortable; Climb into the hammock can relax with legs and you will be even better;
  • place for the entire family;
  • Often a hammock choose for baby; focusing on ease of care;
  • Camping Hammock pure pleasure, as an aesthetic and physical;
  • Use the pads, you can always add bright colors to your apartment / house;
  • The hammock is + 100% comfort; Picture made in a cold office, but even that looks comfortable and at home;
  • His love children; It is not only fun, but also comfortable to sleep, as practice shows)
  • Make your booking you can through the basket or by calling / writing (Viber) under number 380 957 703 816 - Eugene



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