Hammock on a circle in the technique of macrame Infancy ™, with aqua pillow Paris-27

Product Code: 15001
    Материал: Rope - cotton
    Fabric - velor
    Filler - holofiber
    Предельный вес: Up to 100 kg
    Размеры: Big circle diameter - 82 cm
    Small circle diameter - 68 cm
    Rope length from the base - 120 cm
    Additional rope length - 200 cm
    Pillow - made to fit the hammock
    Equipment Hammock - 1 piece
    Pillow - 2 pieces
    Extension rope - 1 piece
    Karabin -1 pc
    Anchor with a ring - 1 piece
    Screw with ring - 1 pc
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3900 ₴
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Macrame-hammock with a pillow and a five-point safety belts for the little ones.

A popular trend that is already a couple of years has been on the market of original and stylish swing for the house.

To be exact for houses, apartments, villas, terraces, verandas, childrens room, living room, master bedroom, Massandra. Easier to say - a universal thing for any spare corner of your home


I would like to note that our hammocks is entirely Ukrainian production is not comparable to the Chinese version!

And if something went wrong, hammock could not stand your friend, for example (well, if its a little fib about their weight), you can write to us and master bind up the part that did not survive.

Materials / parts:

  • Load capacity up to 100 kg
  • Size: 82/60 (the diameter of a large and a small circle)
  • The height of the seat to the fastening 1.5 m.
  • Material: natural cotton fiber, 2 circles of metal
  • The pad of suede furniture
  • The filler pads hollofayber (sintepuh)


  • is perfect for children and adults;
  • If you choose to swing for very young children, have the opportunity to purchase a five-point safety harness;
  • It is very easy to clean: almost all the impurities are removed with a sponge, pad can be washed in the machine; fabric does not fade and does not stretch;
  • When selecting a macrame hammock, you can choose a pillow: it is either only on a seat or in a seat and backrest (affects the cost). Color cushion can be any, according to your wishes;
  • As well as supplement it with stylish decorative cushions: cotton, fabric
  • The hammock has one color - milk;
    And it is at the expense of natural fibers, a high weight carrying capacity; dyed fiber which reduces the load; Therefore, in our work we use only the fiber in its natural form;
  • Equipment:

    The hammock comes to you fully assembled:

    • - hammock - 1 pc
    • - cushion on a seat - 1 piece
    • - attachment to wood and concrete foundations - (1 pin, 1 anchor bolt carbine 1) 3 pc
    • .
    • - rope to adjust the length of the mounting - 1 unit
    • - safety belts 1 pc

    Why should you buy a hammock? Or what is its advantages?

  • It becomes a decoration for any room or dwelling; And not just a decoration, but also a functional and convenient;
  • Very stylish; For more than 20 interior designers that collaborate with us to fit it into the interior of their clients;
  • A each 2nd order our store is the customers that come back for an improved pad (it can be purchased separately)
  • Easy to use, both for children and adults; especially after the upgrade pillows (neck does not flow, and the rest)
  • Swing elevates mood and performance, both your and children;
  • Camping hammock that there is a qualitative;
  • Half an hour of rest in a hammock = equal to 100% charge of energy and vigor, because a vacation in a beautiful and comfortable setting doubly pleased;
  • Starting the day with a cup of tea or coffee in the hammock, you provide yourself a good mood for the whole day;
  • Make your booking you can through the basket or by calling / writing (Viber) under number 380 957 703 816 - Eugene

    Scope (photos of satisfied customers in different areas of application - home, apartment, on vacation, etc.)
    Hammock on a circle in the technique of macrame Infancy ™, with aqua pillow Paris-27
    Hammock on a circle in the technique of macrame Infancy ™, with aqua pillow Paris-27

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