Hammock fabric Infancy ™ 'Chinchilla', Black

Product Code: 8398
    Материал: Velor furniture fabric
    Wood - ash
    Ropes - cotton with macrame weave
    Filler - holofiber
    Предельный вес: Up to 150 kg  
    Размеры: Stick - 85-110 cm
    Seat - 70 cm * 70 cm
    General 140 * 80 cm
    Height from stick to sitting place - 110 cm
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6900 ₴
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A completely new technology of sewing and assembly, completely new sensations and comfort - the Chinchilla hammock.

  • Our top sellers 2020 - 2021. More than 20 units were sold in the first month of launch. This is an absolute record.
  • The area of ​​use of our hammocks has become so wide that I am afraid to forget something: our hammocks are already hanging in apartments, on balconies, in the country house (veranda), in cafes and restaurants, in photo studios, in beauty salons and even shops)
  • Now, when employers want better conditions for employees, such hammocks are bought even for the office.
  • And these are not empty words, but our statistics)


  • The hammock is made of very durable furniture fabric - velor; it is expensive, but pays off due to its quality and durability in use
  • A very large palette of colors; You can buy a hammock to match the intended room, where the hammock will be, and as a bright accent;
  • Cleaning your hammock will not give you much of a problem; due to the high quality of textiles, almost all household dirt can be wiped off with a sponge;
  • more sophisticated soak in the bathroom; and in extreme cases, hand over to dry cleaning.
  • When buying a hammock, you have the opportunity to choose the color and color of the rope (there is black and milk)

Why does everyone dream of buying a hammock, or why should it be in every home?

  • Hammocks have become a trend in the current interior. And every self-respecting designer already uses our 3D models in their projects.
  • Hence the second plus, without the services of a designer, you will make your usual interior stylish, and the hammock will become its central decoration
  • The hammock is very practical and convenient; both for relaxation in it and for work
  • He will find a place for himself in absolutely any room: the hall - we raise our legs and watch TV; for children - we read, dream, spend time with the child;
  • bedroom - we read, relax, work for pleasure in a beautiful and comfortable environment
  •  Rest on a hammock is more efficient and faster: the back and neck are resting; well, what you experience while resting on such a beautiful hammock is comparable only to a vacation in the Maldives;
  • 30 minutes on a hammock = 100% energy charge; especially valuable after a hard day's work
  • Don't know how to fill an empty space or corner? Not sure how to design a cool balcony or relaxation area? The answer here is the Chinchilla hammock
  • A purchase you will never regret, say erase our reviews
  • Nice and practical, the slogan that emphasizes our hammock!
  • Having bought a hammock once, you will fall in love forever.
Scope (photos of satisfied customers in different areas of application - home, apartment, on vacation, etc.)
Hammock fabric Infancy ™ 'Chinchilla', Black
Hammock fabric Infancy ™ 'Chinchilla', Black
Fastening to a concrete ceiling
Fastening to a wooden base

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