Set the table, two chairs and a horse from Infancy

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  • Material: plywood
  • Load capacity up to 80 kg
  • Age limit: from 7 months mi (❗rebonok should sit confidently and independently; before planting can harm rather than benefit) up to 5-6 years
  • Dimensions: Height: 51.7 cm; 27. 1 cm width; length 70 cm

Especially horses:

  • rocking horse really attracts kids their views
  • It is great as a variant of the first swing for children
  • It is very durable, the kids will not be able to break it
  • At the order of horses you can choose any color that you want; palette is very diverse;


  • The table top - MDF covered with foil, legs - solid alder
  • Age limit: from 1 year to 5-6 years; depending on the data of your child
    Dimensions: Desk: 60 * 60; height 58 cm


  • to seat 29.5 cm; ear height 34 cm; seat diameter 30 cm
  • Material: chair - 100% alder array;

Features of the set:


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