Shelf for books on Montessori 80cm. Infancy ™, violet

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    Материал: Basis: Chipboard
    Fabric - cotton
    Wooden rods
    Размеры: Height: 80 cm"
    Length: 60cm"
    Width: 30cm
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Shelf for books - the best work of mankind, rather Montessori


What is it?

Shelf for books by Maria Montessori system is designed to instill a love of reading and books for your children.


base - chipboard;

textiles - cotton;

wooden rods, to form shelves - alder.

It has 4 shelves: lower first 22 cm (for the biggest books) remaining at 15 cm and the uppermost 10 cm (for babies)

Dimensions: height 80 cm; length - 60 cm; Width - 30 cm


  • Shelf for books, very easy to use and is very effective;
  • Do not imply inclusiveness of all your books, she has a different concept;
  • Books are put on a shelf, on your chosen subject. It can be a topic of interest to your child; theme of the upcoming holiday; Topic of the week in the garden; or the same theme, which is behind the child;
  • Sticking on the shelf a book on the subject, you and move your child to reading, because the books are in a prominent position and attract attention; pass is simply not possible;
  • books change frequency depends on the mastery of the material; the book is recommended to change 1 time per week 2-3;
  • When you select a shelf for books, you can choose the textiles, which are many; and its size has a 80 cm high and 100 cm
  • Equipment:

    Shelf comes to you unassembled:

    - half of the base and one partition - 2 pcs

    - wooden rods - 5 pcs

    -tekstilnaya basis - 1 pc

    -samorezy -10 pc.

    - confirmee - 4 pcs

    - key for confirmee - 1 pc

    -stikery for sealing screws - 1 plate

    Why shelf for books to be your child?

  • It attracts attention to itself and the books that develops an interest;
  • to inculcate a love of reading;
  • Develop a curiosity;
  • Develop your own: after all the books now have their place and children like to arrange them in place;
  • You do not even notice most of the time the child will spend reading or scrutiny pictures or cards;
  • Your child will absorb more information, because it is in full view;
  • After selecting the desired theme, you remove the gaps in the knowledge of the child;
  • If you put a theme similar to kindergarten: the child will be doubly absorb information. Sharing with you that found in the garden; and in the garden with the children talk about what learned at home;
  • Make your booking you can through the basket or by calling / writing (Viber) under number 380 957 703 816 - Eugene


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