Children's chair 'Ushastik' 100% tree Black

Product Code: 2763
    Years Up to 6 years old
    Материал: 100% alder wood
    Acrylic paint
    Размеры: Dimensions: height to seat - 29.5 cm;
    ear height - 34 cm;
    seat diameter - 30 cm
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940 ₴
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A chair-Bunny, the thing without which it will not work and the day your child. Versatile and multifunctional.

To practice for the game, somewhere dolezt instead of stairs; personal and necessary thing for every child.

Dimensions height to seat - 29.5 cm; ear height - 34 cm seat diameter - 30 cm

Material - natural wood alder

Capacity up to 80 kg

Age limit: from one year to 5-6 years



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