Braided hammock on the metal circle 'Lace' Infancy ™, black

Product Code: 8173
    Длина каната: 3 мeters
    Материал: Cotton rope
    Metal circle
    Предельный вес: Up to 130 kg
    Размеры: Circle distance 105 cm
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3450 ₴
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Hammock Lace cotton braided manually hook.

This hammock for those who appreciate natural materials, comfort and extraordinary relaxation, but also wants to create in your home a special atmosphere.

After a hammock, Needlepoint is the style of your home.

Materials / parts:
  • Load capacity up to 100 kg the hammock
    Circle diameter - 105 cm
    The length of the hammock - 1.7 meters
    Material: metal circle; natural cotton fibers

  • Hammock Lace is a completely handmade, knitting crocheting;
  • Hammock Ukrainian production, which is completely created by our master;
  • When you select a hammock, you can choose the color (milky or black), as well as add the decorative pillows made from cotton or velor;
  • Mounts to the hammock are included; all you need to do is install it;
  • The hammock is very versatile; suitable for home / garden and to the street in the summer; For adults and children;
  • The hammock mounted on 1 point or 2 according to your wishes;
  • Equipment:
    • The hammock is traveling to you assembled
      The fastening assembly 2 of the form (for concrete and wooden bases) for 1 dot;
      Piece Hammock - 1pc
      Anchor bolt - 1 pc
      The pin - 1 pc
      Carabiner - 1 pcs
    Why should you buy a hammock?
  • This is the original decoration of your house; You will not find these products in the offline store.
  • Decoration, which will be used at all times and all family members;
  • Easy to use, both for children and adults;
  • This hammock exactly catch the fancy of your child; because it is convenient, as in the nest;
  • If you do not know how to decorate your sitting area, a hammock is what you need;
  • And if you want a hammock but do not know where to attach it, do it where the most pleasant rest; if a house is often fastened to the porch if it is flat, it can be equipped with a balcony, as a recreational area;
  • Make your booking you can through the basket or by calling / writing (Viber) under number 380 957 703 816 - Eugene

    Scope (photos of satisfied customers in different areas of application - home, apartment, on vacation, etc.)
    Braided hammock on the metal circle 'Lace' Infancy ™, black
    Braided hammock on the metal circle 'Lace' Infancy ™, black
    Fastening to a concrete ceiling
    How to install ropes on a hammock
    Attaching the Infancy hammock to a wooden base
    Attaching the Infancy hammock to the plaster ceiling

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